Featherlight Websites FAQ

How does getting a Featherlight WordPress website work?

Featherlight works a lot like working with a freelancer or small agency for the creation of your website. You have a personal contact at our shop who works with you from the start of your project all the way to after your website is live.

We differ because we dispense with the long, arduous process that most agencies employ. We use a quick, simple process that starts with a great WordPress framework which cuts weeks off of the project timeline and thousands of dollars off of the total cost.

How much can I save by going with Featherlight WordPress websites?

Most agencies will charge between $3000-$5000 for a simple website. By comparison, our Basic package starts at just $59 per month with an initial $149 set up fee. By boiling down the website discovery and creation process to focus on the key needs of your personal brand, we have made a custom website process that is often faster than building it yourself.

How does the pricing work?

We focus on complete pricing transparency. The WordPress website packages we offer are based on the number of pages needed, as well as the extras that you might need to make your web presence world class. You can easily use our pricing table to find your match.

BASIC PACKAGE: For website creation, website management, free domain name, up to 4 pages to the site, and 1 social media page set-up, the cost is $149 for set up + $59 per month.

PREMIUM PACKAGE (best value): For website creation, website management, free domain name, up to 8 pages to the site, integrated blog, standard e-commerce connected to Paypal, 1 email address yourname@yourdomainname.com, and a Mailchimp account set-up to obtain up to 2,000 newsletter subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month, the cost is $149 for set up + $99 per month.

Can I have a custom quote?

You can submit a custom quote form, which allows us to assess your needs and send you a FREE, no-obligation quote for your custom-made WordPress website within one business day so you can pick the best package for your unique needs.

What happens after my site launches? Do you support me?

Your project manager at Featherlight is always your point person. You can go to them for your needs, questions, upgrades and whatever else after your site launches. Our packages also include 30-, 60-, or 90-day support packages, which entitle you to free help putting content in, making a new page look just right or whatever else you need. Personal service is a point of pride for us. We are reachable via email hello@getfeatherlight.com or phone 1-616-901-6283 M-F.

How long will it take for my website to be ready?

Depending on how you’d like to contact us for your initial set-up depends on how long it will take for your site to be ready. For email communications, we estimate 10 business days to have your website up and running. For phone communications, the process would become much quicker (5-7 business days).

How will I know how many people are visiting my website?

You can view your website’s analytics on the “My Account” tab of getfeatherlight.com/myaccount. Or you can wait for our monthly email updates where we review the changes your site has undergone as well as summarize the analytics of your website (such as how many people have viewed your website).

So, what’s the catch? Is there a contract?

There isn’t one! We purposely don’t make you sign a contract with us because we’re that confident that you will love having someone else doing the hard-labor for your personal website while you live your busy life. Not only is there no contract, but we also offer an upgrade or downgrade to your package at any time.