The Workshop: Automatic Media Kit Builder for Professional Academic Websites

The Workshop focuses on previews of upcoming functionality and features for Featherlight website clients. If these features sound good to you, learn more about getting an affordable managed website with Featherlight.

Media Kit -- Adriel HiltonEveryone wants media exposure. It’s massive amounts of free eyeballs on you, your work and, of course, your website. However, most websites are not equipped with even the most rudimentary section for media kit (some folks call them press kits) or press room.

We’re working to remedy that for our Featherlight clients.

Currently under development in the Featherlight Workshop is out Automated Media Kit Builder extension for our custom websites.

This unique software compiles the sections of your site and converts them into a beautiful PDF press kit. You can even log into your account area to tell the Press Kit Builder what content to use and not use.

For instance, if you’d like to use 4 of your 6 testimonials for your media kit, and have the other two as website only, you can do that.

We hope to also create on an advanced implementation which will allow you to use a simple editor to create a press kit in any format from existing content on your site, making having a beautiful and useful press kit a no-brainer.

Have you had success with your media kit and press room online? Do you have suggestions for this feature? Let us know in the comments!